Tokyo Toys selling kawaii animal fashion tights!!! (Cat, bear, rabbit and totoro!)

From £8 a pair they complete any japanese inspired or loli kawaii outfit and are a lot less hassle than ordering from Hong Kong!

All pairs come in one size (M-L) but they managed to fit my legs so I’m sure they will fit most…!

Link to website shop :

Some new (and old) loot from MCM comic con yesterday…

Was super super pleased that Electric Sheep were back again at the expo with some new hand made Halloween inspired merch’!

Can’t wait to customise my wigs and outfits with these kawaii bows!! Plus I now know they glow under UV rays… Take me to a rave right now!

Check out Kirsten’s shop at: or take a look at her accessories on here - follow neonglittervixen


ART: Hyper Realistic Paintings by Linnea Strid

A Swedish artist Linnea Strid paints unbelievably realistic oil paintings. She is strongly inspired by human emotions and the tedious details in everyday routine. Most of her pieces are like snap shots of her or someone else’s ordinary life.

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Photographer Martin Rietze recently traveled to Japan where he had the incredible opportunity (or near grave misfortune?) of photographing the Sakurajima Valcano in southern Kyushu as it spewed forth smoke, fire, and lava bombs


LFW: Meadham Kirchhoff Spring/Summer 2014

The Meadham Kirchoff Spring 2014 show was nothing short of incredible. Named ‘Ante Dominai’ (a typo for ‘Ante Domini’ – “the time before God”), the collection brought together sartorial tropes from different historical periods to engender a celebration of fashion and femininity.

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teamj2 asked:
Hey! My name is Fatma. I'm from Sweden and will be be doing my BA in Graphic Design in Middlesex this fall. You study fashion? Thought I should introduce myself :)

Hi! Nice to meet you! You’ll really like it here, the graphics suite real good and the tutors really supportive. Enjoy your summer while you can cause there’s a lot of hard work ahead! Maybe ill see you in the fall :)

Middlesex Graduate Fashion Show - The Old Truman Brewery

High spirits and quick changes…

Congratulations on a fantastic send off to the year!!

Middlesex University exhibit at Graduate Fashion Week - with the 3rd Year Weavers

Graduate Fashion week - it’s nearly over!

If you get a chance it’s defo worth a look; majorly impressed at some of the work on show from the other universities (even if my own uni’s exhibit looks a little bare - hey I gotta be supportive!).

In fact I really enjoyed speaking to the college students who are interested in studying fashion further :D

Tomorrow’s the last day it’s on at Earls court Exhibition centre 2. Doors open at 10.30 so make sure you don’t miss out!